Zion House of Prayer Churches


Zion House of Prayer Tamil Church

Zion House of Prayer, is exclusively a Tamil Church, and the entire church service is in Tamil, where people can worship and hear the Word of God in Tamil. The service is both traditional and contemporary, so people can have a taste of home while worshipping. 

Worshipping God is our highest priority, and the congregation is encouraged to worship God in the beauty of holiness, celebrating God with fear and trembling. The preaching of the Word of God is equally holy, and the truth of the word of God is preached in its authority, so it could be believed, and applied in our daily life with fear. Come join us to worship our God, and our Lord Jesus Christ, to know Him and to grow in Him.


Zion House of Prayer Multi-lingual Church

Zion House of Prayer Church at Wayzata Free was started with a desire to gather all language speaking Indian community to gather as one family to worship our God and King. The service is in English, but during praise and worship we sing and worship in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam...

Again our focus is in worshipping God in the beauty of holiness, and to preach the Word of God in all it's truth, so we grow stronger in knowing Him and walking with Him.